Big Bike Rally Challenge 2016

Dave_WatsonYes, we are bringing back the Big Bike Rally Challenge. It is where it all started from way back in 2010. Originally the BBRC was set up to encourage riders of the big bikes to do rallies.

As the rallies progressed it became obvious that the courses were in the main too technical fo rhte bike bikes and the numbers have fallen dramatically over the years.

We are now changing that. The Big Bike Rally Challenge will run alongside the RallyMoto Cup and will be a roadbook navigation challenge over easier terrain that can be managed by a big bike without damaging it or the rider. There will be no emphasis on speed for the event (unlike the RallyMoto Cup) but instead the winner will be determined by accurate navigation and by adhering to speed limits.

The Big Bike Rally Challenge event for this year will run with RallyMoto Cup event at the Pikes Peak Rally – September 17/18th – we want more big bikes doing these types of rallies.