ATRC Rules and Regs

All Terrain Rally Challenge – Rules

The All-Terrain Rally Championship follows the ACU handbook, within the Enduro standing regulations and is found on page 182 entitled ALL TERRAIN (RALLY) REGULATIONS (ATR)

All riders must be registered for the championship

Registration is free for 2017


Rally up to 449cc. (These bikes must have a frame mounted screen/fairing and a fuel capacity of 13 litres).

Rally over 449cc. (These bikes must have a frame mounted screen/fairing and a fuel capacity of 13 litres).

Big Bike (bikes over 575cc)

Trail/Twins – (trail bikes as described by the manufacturer or twin cylinder machines). Enduro bikes are specifically excluded from this class

Rally Lite 1 – Enduro based machines. 2 strokes upto 250cc and 4 strokes up to 350cc

Rally Lite 2 – Enduro based machines. 2 strokes over 250cc and 4 strokes over 350cc


Motocross bikes and quads or are not are permitted in the championship



Must conform to the ACU standing regulations in the ACU handbook, section ATR from page 182

The requirements on machine standard is controlled by the local club for entries to a specific event but for the championship, bikes must conform to the organising club AND the following;

Machines must confirm to ATR.7 MOTORCYCLES; be road registered, road legal, taxed and you must be licenced and insured to ride the machine if the event uses a public highway or public right of way

Tyres must conform to ATR8; be road legal (i.e. DOT or “E” marked). Any tyres marked NHS are not permitted


Points are not given retrospectively. This means you start to earn points from the point you enter the championship. Entering after the results are published will not qualify you for that or previous events. Registrations will be accepted the day prior to the publishing of the results for an event.

Riders will earn points only in the class to which they are registered.

Riders using another machine of a different class will not earn points unless they are also registered in that class, and have informed the RallyMoto organisation of the different machine. For example, if you change class, you need to re-register and you will then start to earn points in that new class. Points are not transferable.


Overall championship

Once a rider is registered, points in the overall championship will be regardless of bike they are on (for instance, if you change bike half way through the season, points will still be gained for the overall championship to add to any you currently have).


There are 6 qualifying rounds for the championship

Round 1 – Brechfa Rally – 18/19th March

Round 2 – Ryedale Rally –  1/2nd July

Round 3 – Kielder Rally – 22/23rd July*

Round 4 – Beacons Rally –  19/20th August

Round 5 – Tour of Mann – 23/24th September*

Round 6 – Hafren Rally – 4/5th November – TBC


There are 4 rounds to count for points in the ATRC. One of your qualifying rounds must be either The Kielder Rally OR The Tour of Mann. If you choose not to attend one of these events, your championship position will be decided by your best three events.


Points by class and overall

1st – 20 points

2nd – 18 points

3rd – 16 points

4th – 15 points

5th – 14 points

6th – 13 points

7th – 12 points

8th – 11 points

9th – 10 points

10th – 9 points

11th – 8 points

12th – 7 points

13th – 6 points

14th – 5 points

15th – 4 points

16th – 3 points

17th – 2 points

18th – 1 point




Bikes – which class. This is a guide – please ask the organisation if you are unsure.

Beta Alp – Trail

Beta – all other models – Rally Lite


BMW – Twins – Twins class

BMW 450 – Rally Lite


CCM – All models – Trail


GasGas – All EC models – Rally Lite



Honda CRF 250/450RX/XRL/X/RE models – Rally Lite

Honda CRF 250L – Trail

Honda CRF 250 Rally – Trail

Honda CRM models – Trail

Honda XR models – Trail

Honda XL models – Trail

Honda Africa Twin – Twins


Husqvarna – All FE & RE models upto 575cc – Rally Lite

Husqvarna 701 – Big bike


KTM 690 – Big bike

KTM Twin cylinder machines – Twin class

KTM – All EXC, EXC-F models – Rally Lite

KTM Freeride models – Trail


Sherco – All models – Rally Lite


Suzuki DRZ 400 – trail


Yamaha – WR250/450F – Rally Lite

Yamaha XT models – Trail/Big bike (if over 575cc big bike)

Yamaha WR250R (fuel injected model) – Trail